What Happened On Thursday To Make Guardion Health (GHSI) Stock Surge?

As of the last check in current trading, shares of Guardion Health Sciences Inc. (Nasdaq: GHSI) are up 44.20 percent at $0.20 after positive clinical results were released. GHSI stock closed the last session at $0.14 and fluctuated between $0.136 and $0.143.

What are the clinical results that GHSI has shared with you?

Guardion Health (GHSI) announced interim results of a four-week clinical study to determine the effectiveness of Viactiv Omega Boost Gel Bites in increasing levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in red blood cells. As a total body support supplement, these 1,200 mg Omega-3 gel bites contain both DHA and EPA, thereby providing an overall health boost, which includes cardiovascular health, brain health, immunity, and eye health.

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In addition to providing the potency of large, hard-to-swallow soft gels, the new gel bite dose form provides the taste and potency of gummies with even more Omega-3 than the leading omega-3 gum. There is no sugar in the gel bite delivery and there is no fishy aftertaste in the gel bite.

What has GHSI observed?

Despite Viactiv Omega Boost being positioned at a more premium price point, it is clearly a better value for its consumers because it is proven to work. Guardion Health (GHSI) reported that interim clinical results showed a 51% improvement in Omega-3 levels in just 4 weeks. It matters how much high-quality Omega-3s are contained in a supplement, and this product demonstrates GHSI’s continued commitment to delivering science-based, clinically-supported supplements that can make a real difference to the health of its customers.

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