What Drove AppTech (APCX) Stock Up 9% Today?

Following the introduction of a commerce platform, AppTech Payments Corp. (NASDAQ: APCX) stock was up 9.15% to trade at $0.66 at the time of the most recent check. Earlier today, APCX shares ended at $0.60.

What platform did APCX introduce?

The new, patent-backed commerce platform from AppTech (APCX) will be unveiled at the Money20/20 USA conference on Monday, October 24, 2022.

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  • The manner in that mobile payments, merchant services, and digital banking are enabled will be radically altered by AppTech’s statement on Monday.
  • APCX is eager to unveil its new product platform and patent acquisitions at Money20/20 because they have been in the works for the previous few years.
  • The new, cutting-edge platform is supported by AppTech’s extensive portfolio of patents, which range from mobile-to-mobile and computer-to-mobile payment to many other topics.
  • Being the owner of these patents, many of which have been referenced by top businesses in the industry, will enable APCX to seek licensing deals with hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses.
  • Furthermore, in July, AppTech announced a relationship that would increase its cross-border payment capabilities in Canada.
  • This cooperation lays the groundwork for a broad spectrum of cutting-edge commerce experiences for businesses and customers globally.

Who will be representing APCX?

Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Product & Experiences Bryan Guy, Director of Sales & Business Development Howard Fish, and Chief of Staff Kaylei Wright are among the leaders from AppTech who will attend Money20/20 to present the new platform. They will be accessible for private meetings with members of the press, possible investors, and business partners to go through the new platform. The world’s top Fintech program, Money20/20, brings together the most creative minds in payments, Fintech, and the larger financial ecosystem.

APCX started a partnership?

Yesterday, AppTech announced its collaboration with Chip Financial in a news release to assist the company’s expanding Fintech, digital banking, and payments ecosystem. The collaboration expands Chip Financial’s portfolio of products and services, which emphasizes a customized client experience and offers capabilities in payments-as-a-service (PaaS) and banking-as-a-service (BaaS).

Chip Financial offers flexible omnichannel transactions to a wide range of clients in a wide range of brand categories. The collaboration between AppTech and Chip Financial expands AppTech’s offering of commerce solutions by enabling deeper market penetration.

What motivated APCX to work together?

Customers expect transactions to be completed using their chosen manner and without any friction. The relationship between AppTech (APCX) and Chip Financial is not only suitable but also effective because of their shared dedication to innovation and emphasis on the customer experience for companies of all kinds. Together, APCX will provide clients with cutting-edge banking and payment solutions so they may conduct business according to their terms.

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