Did Anything Boost AEHR Stock In Pre-Hours Trades?

Following the receipt of a follow-on order, Aehr Test Systems (NASDAQ: AEHR) is soaring today, up 16.09% to trade at $20.05 at the last check in premarket trading.

What will AEHR get the order for?

An additional manufacturing order was obtained by Aehr Test Systems (AEHR) from a significant silicon carbide semiconductor client. An additional FOX-XPTM multi-wafer test and burn-in system in production with the fully integrated and automated WaferPakTM Aligner has been ordered by Aehr Test Systems.

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By utilizing AEHR’s exclusive WaferPak whole wafer Contactors, the FOX-XP system is configurable with Bipolar Voltage Channel Module (BVCM) and Very High Voltage Channel Module (VHVCM) options that offer new advanced test and burn-in capabilities for silicon carbide power semiconductors. This customer provides products and services to a number of important industries, including the electric car business.

Aehr anticipates shipping the FOX-XP system with an integrated WaferPak Aligner in the fourth quarter of its fiscal year, which starts on March 1, 2023. AEHR was thrilled to get this follow-up production order for another FOX-XP multi-wafer test and burn-in system fitted with its newly designed integrated and automated WaferPak alignment and material handling system from its new big silicon carbide semiconductor customer.

To fulfill the soaring anticipated market requirement for silicon carbide products for electric cars and other industrial industries, the client has informed AEHR that it would buy a sizable number of FOX-XP systems for volume manufacture of its silicon carbide devices at locations across the world.

How would the potential order affect AEHR?

This customer has expressed to Aehr Test Systems (AEHR) how important automation is to them across their wafer fabrication, assembly, and test, and that the system’s fully integrated FOX-XP with automated WaferPak synchronization and handling is key to meeting their high volume production needs, which are crucial to their virtualization, as well as the quality and reliability goals of the customers and markets they serve.

This customer has also praised the system’s affordability and scalability. With the new, fully automated WaferPak Aligner combined with the new FOX-XP wafer level test and burn-in system, the client will become AEHR’s main customer for large volume applications.

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