How should investors evaluate Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:RXRX)?

Stocks of Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:RXRX) traded higher last session on Wall Street, down -3.32% to $8.44.

According to the data, Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:RXRX) has 7 analysts covering its stock. The consensus rating among analysts is ‘Overweight’. As we calculate the median target price by taking the range between a high of $35.00 and a low of $9.00, we find $14.00. Given the previous closing price of $8.73, this indicates a potential upside of 60.37 percent. RXRX stock price is now -20.29% away from the 50-day moving average and 1.18% away from the 200-day moving average. The market capitalization of the company currently stands at $1.79B.

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A total of 4 analysts have issued a hold rating and 3 have given it a buy rating. Brokers who have rated the stock have averaged $16.00 as their price target over the next twelve months.

With the price target of $8, Morgan Stanley recently initiated with Equal-Weight rating for Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: RXRX).

In other news, Virani Shafique, Chief Business Officer sold 18,000 shares of the company’s stock on Sep 15. The stock was sold for $155,880 at an average price of $8.66. Upon completion of the transaction, the Chief Business Officer now directly owns 140,351 shares in the company, valued at $1.18 million. An SEC document containing details of the transaction can be found on the SEC’s website. On Sep 13, Chief Financial Officer Secora Michael sold 25,000 shares of the business’s stock. A total of $217,318 was realized by selling the stock at an average price of $8.69. This leaves the insider owning 888,186 shares of the company worth $7.5 million. Insiders disposed of 1,089,901 shares of company stock worth roughly $9.2 million over the past 1 year. A total of 5.50% of the company’s stock is owned by insiders.

There have been several recent changes in the stakes of large investors in RXRX stock. A new stake in Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. shares was purchased by YONG RONG (HK) ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD during the first quarter worth $9,910,000. LINGOTTO INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LLP invested $6,542,000 in shares of RXRX during the first quarter. In the first quarter, ENSIGN PEAK ADVISORS, INC acquired a new stake in Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. valued at approximately $1,428,000. ADVISORY RESEARCH INC acquired a new stake in RXRX for approximately $1,145,000. DIAMETRIC CAPITAL, LP purchased a new stake in RXRX valued at around $1,012,000 in the second quarter. In total, there are 235 active investors with 68.70% ownership of the company’s stock.

Tuesday’s opening bell rang with an opening price of $8.71 for Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: RXRX). During the past 12 months, Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. has had a low of $4.54 and a high of $16.75. As of last week, the company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.00, a current ratio of 3.80, and a quick ratio of 3.80. The fifty day moving average price for RXRX is $10.61 and a two-hundred day moving average price translates $8.34 for the stock.

The latest earnings results from Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: RXRX) was released for Jun, 2023. According to the Biotechnology Company, earnings per share came in at -$0.38, missing analysts’ expectations of -$0.37 by -0.01. This compares to -$0.38 EPS in the same period last year. The company reported revenue of $11.02 million for the quarter, compared to $7.67 million a year earlier. Comparatively to last year’s same quarter, the company’s quarterly revenue rose 43.56 percent. For the current quarter, analysts expect RXRX to generate $13.22M in revenue.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc.(RXRX) Company Profile

Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. operates as a clinical-stage biotechnology company, engages in the decoding biology by integrating technological innovations across biology, chemistry, automation, data science, and engineering to industrialize drug discovery. The company develops REC-994, which is in Phase 2 clinical trial to treat cerebral cavernous malformation; REC-2282, which is in Phase 2/3 clinical trial for the treatment of neurofibromatosis type 2; REC-4881, which is in Phase 2 clinical trial to treat familial adenomatous polyposis; REC-3964, which is in Phase 1 clinical trial to treat Clostridioides difficile infection; and REC-4881, which is in Phase 1b/2 clinical trial to treat AXIN1 or APC mutant cancers. Its preclinical stage product includes RBM39 to treat HR-proficient ovarian cancer; REC-64151 for the treatment of immune checkpoint resistance; and Anti-PD-(L)1, an orally bioavailable small molecule to improve sensitivity to immune checkpoint inhibitors in non-small cell lung cancer and additional tumors. The company has collaboration and agreement with Bayer AG; the University of Utah Research Foundation; Ohio State Innovation Foundation; Chromaderm, Inc.; Roche & Genentech; and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was incorporated in 2013 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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