Analyst Coverage Sparks Rise In EHang Holdings (EH) Stock

Following the commencement of monitoring its equity by a research entity, the shares of EHang Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: EH) are undergoing a significant upsurge. In the most recent scrutiny within this ongoing trading session, EHang’s stock observed a noteworthy increase of 6.73%, reaching $18.55.

Today, Morgan Stanley has initiated coverage on EHang (EH) stock, bestowing an “Overweight” recommendation and establishing a price target of $27.50. This favorable recommendation has spurred investor sentiment, resulting in a surge in the stock price on the US markets.

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A recent collaborative agreement has garnered attention from the research community. EHang (EH) has forged a strategic partnership with Guangzhou Greater Bay Technology Co., Ltd. (GBT), focusing on ultra-fast charging technology.

This partnership was solidified at the 16th Chongqing International Battery Technology Exchange Conference/Exhibition, dedicated to the research and development of Ultra-Fast Charging (UFC)/eXtreme Fast Charging (XFC) battery solutions for EHang’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

The objective of this collaboration is to advance the research, development, and industrialization of eVTOL power system components and modules in the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) sector, thereby establishing an ecological framework for the commercial deployment of low-altitude economy operations.

Moreover, EHang and GBT will progressively develop fast-charging infrastructure, such as charging stations, to establish an ecosystem conducive to future commercial operations. The power battery system represents a critical component of the aircraft, directly influencing its range, stability, safety, and operational efficiency.

The UFC/XFC batteries co-developed by both parties for eVTOL aircraft promise several advantages, notably rapid charging speed, expected to charge from 30% to 80% in just five to ten minutes. Additionally, they target a high energy density of over 200Wh/kg and a long cycle life exceeding 2,000 cycles.

These advancements will significantly bolster EHang’s eVTOL products in terms of safety, endurance, and operational efficiency, aligning them more effectively with the core requirements of convenience, efficiency, and economic viability for large-scale and high-frequency eVTOL operations in urban low-altitude mobility scenarios.

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